June 2018 Minutes


Thursday, June 7th, 2018

District 12 General Service Steering Committee Meeting

  • Call to Order by Jason (DCMC) @ 6:00pm
  • Discussion regarding singleness of purpose, swearing in meetings, speakers discussing drugs instead of alcohol

District 12 General Service Meeting

  • Call to Order by Jason (DCMC) @ 7:30 pm
  • Open with the Serenity Prayer
  • GSR Preamble read by Rick


Tradition #6 Workshop Recap: Micaiah


  • We do not go into business representing the AA name or to promote AA or to make money
  • AA must remain “poor” so that we are in a position to rely on a power greater than ourselves


Concept #6 Workshop Recap: David


  • The General Service Conference is set up as a corporate leadership
  • The General Service Conference has final decision on policy and finance


Secretary’s Report: Lindsay (Andrea Absent)


  • Motion to Approve May minutes
  • Seconded – All in favor – Minutes approved
  • Please see the secretary with your email if you are not getting the minutes


Registrar’s Report: Lindsay

  • Welcome to new GSRs
  • Moved several groups from active to dark list due to non-attendance in 2018



DCMC’s Report: Jason Alt DCMC (Nancy Absent)

  • AA in the Military
  • Big Book translated in Navajo

Treasurer’s Report: Dennis

  • Missed last month’s meeting
  • Received donations of roughly $1,600 from groups last month
  • Usually we receive the budgeted $1,500/month or higher
  • Balance forward of ~ $11,800 – see financial statement print out for exact numbers
  • The bi-annual report to be provided next month



Committee Reports


GSR Orientation – Ryan and Joe



    • 4 New GSRs
    • All GSR’s got service sponsors
    • Gabe – Spiritual Gangsters Thurs 7 pm MV
    • Kristi Z – Service liaison for AOCYPAA
    • Kris – Women’s 12/12 LN
    • Molly – Sunday 5 pm SJC

Cooperation with the Elderly Community (CEC) – Joe C

  • The CEC goal is to find seniors who need access to AA
  • Doctors can connect elderly patients to AA – Sample letters from GSO for doctors on how CEC can help (insert in “Never too Late” pamphlet) to deliver to our doctors
  • Joe will provide more sample letters next month for GSRs and draft letters available to attach to the minutes email for GSRs
  • Visited Leisure World, VA Center @ Leisure World, Counsel on Aging, and senior communities
  • District 12 CEC is not actually a committee yet, looking for members and volunteers (anyone can join the committee)


Public Information Committee: Mischa (new chair as of 05/18)


  • The goal is to distribute literature to churches, public libraries, hospitals, and schools
  • Learned about speaking in front of non-AA people
  • Presenting at a Laguna High in School in fall
  • Recruited Beth for literature, Neil, and Kathleen who will step in on PSA side, AA has videos etc.
  • Volunteers needed – please contact Mischa for more information


Treatment Committee – Jacqueline


    • Bridging the Gap is about providing a temporary contact, not a sponsor – good Bridging the Gap article in Lifeline
    • Meetings are on every 4th Sat of the month
    • Looking for more members and participants -Jacqueline’s commitment ending in several months
    • Spent $812 for Treatment Committee fellowship event in May
    • Starting to make presentations to treatment centers
    • Wanted to sign up Bridging the Gap volunteers at the Memorial Day Picnic but wound up interacting with treatment center drivers and staff, exchanged info, and invited them to participate
    • Looking to give a presentation at a future GSR meeting
    • Coordinating with Intergroup about Bridging the Gap – putting a link on their website and our district website.
    • Other districts starting treatment committees and are attending ours for knowledge and insight
    • Would like to start a monthly newsletter, provide contact, email, and info on singleness of purpose – the angry emails and phone calls are concerned that groups are unable to make rent and treatment centers don’t contribute money so they are taking advantage of AA groups/meetings


Memorial Day Picnic – Mary


  • Funds have been allocated for a Memorial Day Picnic by tradition but people may want to consider continuing to have the Memorial Day Picnic
  • Over 650 people attended – Treatment Center attendance was 3 to 1 (of general AA community)
  • The picnic puts the 12th tradition and carrying message into action – shows people that we enjoy life as part of AA service to help a fellow sufferer – has potential to create participation between fellowship and treatment centers
  • Use a different venue – problems with parking
  • Thanks to Mary for all her hard work and for putting together a great day!!


New Business


  • We now have passwords and access to our website
  • A Grapevine Writer’s Workshop planning committee is forming – contact Jason after the meeting for more information
  • A new pamphlet called Safety in AA is out – if you come across a copy please bring it to the next district meeting
  • Mischa was elected to fill the vacant position of Public Information Committee Chair (5/18)

RecapBeth provided the District Meeting Recap



  • May Birthdays
    • Congratulations Everyone!!
    • Nathan 2 years, Lynn 4 years, Nate 4 years, Sunny 5 years, David, 28 years!!



  • Close with Responsibility Statement


I am responsible….When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that, I am responsible.

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