Meeting Minutes – October 2017


Thursday, October 5th

District 12 General Service Steering Committee Meeting

  • Call to Order by Catherine E. (DCMC) @ 5:30 pm
  • Introduction- Catherine E.
  • Discussed District 12 Elections Format!
  • Serenity Prayer

District 12 General Service Steering Committee Meeting

  • Call to Order by Catherine E. (DCMC) @ 7:30 pm
  • Introduction- Catherine E.
  • Serenity Prayer
  • GSR Preamble read
  • New GSR Introductions
  • Tradition #10 Workshop Recap: Ryan
    • No Opinion on outside issues.
    • Religion, alcohol reform, politics are topics the AA member should refrain from partaking an opinion in as an AA member.
  • Concept #10 Workshop Recap: Max
    • Ultimate Authority is God but AA members have Ultimate Authority over the AA structure.
    • We control what goes on in AA.
  • Secretary’s Report: Parker K.
    • Thank you Alex for filling in.
    • Come talk to me if you want to receive the monthly minutes.
    • Motion to Approve? Sonny
    • Second? Patt
    • All in Favor-Approved
  • Registrar’s Report: Lindsay
    • Thank you to people helping get together registrar’s records!
  • Alternate DCMC’s Report: Anna
    • No Report!
  • DCMC’s Report: Catherine
    • Dana Point community center for a panel in March.
    • Potluck for the old and new panel.
    • Banning Area 9 Meeting, Electing a new board.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Joe
    • We have met our Goal of 3000!

District Election Results:

DCMC: Nancy

Alternate DCMC: Jason

Secretary: Andria

Treasurer: Dennis

Registrar: Lindsay

DCM Subdistrict A (Male): Mike

DCM Subdistrict A (Female): Romy

DCM Subdistrict B (Male): Sarah

DCM Subdistrict B (Female): Simon

DCM Subdistrict C (Male): Sonny

DCM Subdistrict C (Female):

DCM Subdistrict D (Male): Bob

DCM Subdistrict D (Female): Sharon

GSR School: Ryan & Max

Accessibilities: Kathleen

YPAA Liaison: Jeremy

Archives: Jim S.

Cooperation with the Elderly: Joe

Cooperation with Professionals: Janice

District Webmaster: Scott

District Webmaster Co-Chair: Alex

Grapevine Commitment: Dave

H&I Representative: Barbara

Intergroup Liaison: Bob

Literature: Chris

Memorial Day Picnic: Mary

Regional Events Coordinator: Dorota

Sponsorship Workshop: Parker

Traditions Day Chair: David W.

Treatment Committee: Jacqueline

Speaker Chair: Patt O.

District Coffee Maker: Nathan

Traditions: Macaiah

Concepts Workshop: David C.

Public Information: Jon J.



  • Traditions Day Chair is in 1 Month.
  • November 5th 2-6pm Canyon Club in Laguna Beach
  • Let your groups know!
  • AOCYPAA is having a Halloween Event on October 21st.
  • Eskape Rooms in Irvine
  • Donating Big Books To Hurricane Victims



August Birthdays:

Keith 5 years, Casey 3 Years, Josette 5 years, Sarah 3 years, Kelly 33 Years, David 7 years

I am responsible….When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that, I am responsible.

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