August 2018 Minutes


Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

District 12 General Service Steering Committee Meeting

  • Call to Order by Nancy (DCMC) @ 6:00pm
  • Jacqueline explained the Bridging the Gap use of business cards/instructions for GSRs to explain the process for temporary contacts and the new to AA person to home groups
  • This program was developed through the Treatment Committee to help people in treatment understand AA
  • She will be making a presentations to clinical staff at a treatment center with help from Treatment Committee volunteers in the future to explain what AA is and isn’t

District 12 General Service Meeting

  • Call to Order by Nancy (DCMC) @ 7:30 pm
  • Open with the Serenity Prayer
  • GSR Preamble read by Dyanna
  • Welcome to visitors from Dist 6 and 18


  • Tradition #8 Workshop Recap: Micaiah
    • We are non-professionals; we are not experts, but our experience, strength, and hope qualifies us to carry the message wherever we go.
    • Sharing one on-one and doing 12-step calls is what helps to keep us sober.
    • We want to extend our hands out to newcomers and keep ourselves open in all our affairs to help someone at the time or be a contact in the future.


  • Concept #8 Workshop Recap: David
    • The General Service Board deals with larger policy, finance, group relations and leadership of the AAof the two corporations of AA World Services and AA Grapevine.
    • The Trustees oversee AA World Services and AA Grapevine through its oversight of the subsidiary boards.


  • Secretary’s Report: Tim
    • Motion to Approve July minutes
    • Seconded – All in favor – Minutes approved
    • Please see the secretary with your email if you are not getting the minutes


  • Registrar’s Report: No report
    • Welcome to new GSRs


  • Treasurer’s Report: Dennis
    • Dennis has included July’s report and a breakout of all the line items from the first six months in the handout
    • The line items can help explain to your groups what the district does with the money from contributions


  • DCMC Alt Report: Jason
    • No Report


  • DCMC’s Report: Nancy
    • Attended PRASA 2019 Planning Committee on 7/7
    • Attended La Viña 22 Anniversary Event on 7/21
    • Next area service meeting is 8/12 registration 9 am
    • 2018 Pacific Regional Forum is 9/7-9/9 in San Jose


  • Committee Reports


  • GSR Orientation – Max
    • 4 New GSRs
    • All new GSRs got service sponsors
    • Danny
    • Phil
    • Shane
    • Topher


  • Cooperation with the Elderly Committee – Joe C
    • Joe reported on efforts to develop AA options for seniors who are having a problem with alcohol
    • Next meeting 8/11/2018


  • Public Information Committee: No report


  • Treatment Committee – Jacqueline
    • The Committee Meeting is held every 4th Saturday at the Presbyterian Church on Estrella from 9:30 – 11:00
    • A Bridging the Gap Presentation will be made at the September District Meeting
    • The website and contact information will provide a description of how to be a temporary contact volunteers
    • Informational material was made available at check in table


  • Area Delegate Jesus presentation on the General Service Conference


  • Our Area Delegate Jesus presented the results of the 68th Annual General Service Conference. Items of significance discussed included AA historical tour of NYC, Area 9 presentation, GSC presentation topics, GSC workshop topic, proposals for new literature, approved new literature: “The God Word”, name changes to certain pamphlets, AA safety issues, increase to $5,000 by gifts and bequests, no action on GSC board censure proposal in wake of manuscript litigation, AA financial report.  Representatives from District 6 and 18 attended and brought snacks.


  • New Business
    Christy made an announcement regarding AOCYPAA Rollerama and a meeting in Fullerton 9/1/18


  • RecapN/A provided the District Meeting Recap



  • Sub District – Issues discussed included: N/A


  • July Birthdays
    • Congratulations Everyone!!
    • Ed 6, Jeff 25, Nancy 34!!  


  • Close with Responsibility Statement


I am responsible. …When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that, I am responsible.


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